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Good knives are an investment. When properly looked after the quality knives of ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS will serve you well for many years.

Always remember, though, that even stainless steel knives are never 100% rustproof. Therefore rinse off acids (e.g. from fruit and vegetable juices, mustard, ketchup) from the blade immediately after use. Should stains appear after all, they can easily be removed with a standard non-abrasive metal cleaner.

Here are some useful guidelines for dealing with knives:

1. Cleaning in the dishwasher
Knives with synthetic handles can be put into the dishwasher without reservation. But please bear in mind that the high-quality blades may be damaged when they hit other cutlery, pots or pans. When loading the dishwasher make sure that the blades donĀ“t touch other objects.
2. Cleaning by hand
For extra care knives should be cleaned by hand. After use it should simply be held under warm running water and cleaned with a soft cloth. If necessary add a little washing-up liquid and dry immediately from the back towards the cutting edge.
3. Removal of scratches from metal handles
Small scratches or dull patches on stainless steel handles can be removed by gently using ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS own matting fleece (art. no. 30499-000).
4. Please do not misuse
A knife is not a screwdriver or can opener. It is entirely unsuitable for these purposes. Misuse may damage the cutting edge.
5. Chopping boards
The correct chopping board will ensure your knife stays sharper longer. Wooden or acrylic boards are recommended (not glass, marble, granite or stainless steel).