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PETE'S PLACE specials


  German Zwilling Flower Shears
These excellent German Zwilling Flower Shears are a must for every home. They have a small and comfortable handle which is perfect for ladies. A great little secateer to keep close by to pick herbs and flowers and fro pruning smaller shrubs.

RRP $29.95
Special at Pete's Place $13.95

  Multifunctional Rechargeable Torch
This unbelievably practical torch has a flash light with a Krypton light globe, an Ultra Bright LED flash Light which can be used on full or half strength, an Ultra Bright Cold Cathode Tube, NiCd rechargeable batteries and a recharging unit. It can operate for more than 5 hours. Extremely versatile.

RRP $39.95
Special at Pete's Place $19.95

  Chefs Choice Diamond Hone Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Edge Knives

RRP $69.95
Special at Pete's Place $29.95

  Microplane Classic Series Extra Course Graters
IF you really want the very best graters you can not go past Microplane. Once you have used them you will never go back.

RRP $39.95
Special at Pete's Place $19.95

  Ezy-Lap Diamond Sharpener Super Fine
No one else bonds the diamond surface to the substrate the way Ezy_Lap does and that’s why they outlast the others.

RRP $19.95
Special at Pete's Place $7.95

  Zwilling J.A. Henckels Five Star 6 piece Knife Block Set
WOW, what a special!
Unbelievable savings.

RRP $579.95
Special at Pete's Place $249.95, You save $330.00

  Buzz Electronic Mill, Cole @ Mason
Have Fun with the Electronic Mills. Try the Buzz.

RRP $72.95
Special at Pete's Place $39.95