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we have an enormous range of great quality products
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Cutlery Sets
Weather Stations
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  Kitchen Knives
Pete’s Place has a fantastic range of kitchen knives assured to meet every need. From little vegetable knives, to the largest Chef’s knife to specialty cheese and salmon knives. There is a huge range, don’t be afraid to ask. Also check out the Zwilling web site and ask us for a quote.


Knife Block Sets
We have the latest range of Knife Block Sets.

  Knife Sets
You can save money by buying a number of knives in sets. We have a great selection and are delighted to make recommendations. Whether you are starting a new collection of knives or adding to your set we will have something suitable for you at prices that will have you coming back for more.

  Fishing, Filleting and Butcher Knives
For the real deal fisherman to the finest kitchen preparing fish we have a wonderful range of knives including well known brands such as Shimano, Victory and recommended Frosts from Sweden.

  Knife Storage: Blocks and Magnets
All knives need to be stored not only for their protection but to prevent them damaging other utensils and items. Knife blocks are one option, however there are other methods, please ask for recommendations.



  Knife Sharpeners
We have a fantastic array of sharpeners. However, It is hard to go past the Chef’s Choice MultiEdge Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener for straight edge and serrated knives. This is the world’s most advanced professional manual sharpener. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and so are sharp knives so indulge your home in one of these diamond sharpeners and you will never look back. We have the foolproof way to sharpen your knives every time.

  Scissor Sharpeners
For the sharpener that really works for scissors you can not go past this for sharpening those household, sewing and craft scissors. It has 100% diamond abrasives, these diamonds may be a little hard to wear on a finger but not hard wearing on your scissors. Email us for a price that will not be beaten.

For those who still like to sharpen their knives with a steel, you name it we have it. From long and short, to flat and rounded, from traditional steel, diamond abrasives to ceramic we are not only assured to have something to suit you but also a price that will delight you.

  Diamond Products
Maybe not diamond rings but we have diamond steels and stones for every handy man. We stock EdgeCraft and Ezylap at unbelievable prices. Diamonds file and sharpen everything. Don’t forget to ask about the Revolutionary file Edgecrafter that makes steel files obsolete. For a man that has everything, this is a perfect gift.

Cutlery Sets
  Cutlery Sets
We stock BSF and Zwilling cutlery sets.. Please make your enquiries direct to us.

  Multi Purpose Scissors
Our range is diverse and multipurpose scissors can also be used for cutting flowers, milk cartons, string and opening bottles and jars.

  Dress Making Scissors
We have a variety of sizes and price ranges in Tailors Shears and dress making scissors. Ask for our most popular series as these you will have forever.

  Kitchen Scissors
Every home should have at least one pair of kitchen scissors. For opening packets of pasta, cutting herbs and spring onions or dried fruits there is never a day that these are not needed. We stock a number of brands specializing in Zwilling and Zyliss at prices that can’t be beaten.

  Left Handed Scissors
Yes, that’s right. This is a perfect gift for someone you know who is left handed or for your self if you would like to make cutting that bit easier with scissors to suit your needs.

  Hairdressing Scissors
Please enquire directly.

  Embroidery Scissors
Yes we have the Stork Scissors for the keen embroiderer as well as your standard embroidery Scissors.

  Nail and Cuticle Scissors
We stock every size shape and curve from Zwilling J.A. Henckels extensive range of manicure scissors and all the matching accessories to go with it.

A range of secateurs for the novice to the expert. We have brands from Germany, Spain and Japan at block buster prices.

Weather Stations
  Weather Stations
Pete’s Place has an excellent selection of Digital Weather Stations, Centers and Forecasters. These are an excellent line with a variety of functions such as temperature, Humidity, air pressure changes, moon phases and sunrise and sunset time, just to name a few. These are a super product and an ideal gift for that person who has everything.

Pete’s Place also stocks a wide range of Manchester including Brand names such as Logan and Mason, Linen House, Malborough Textiles, Rapee and many more. In many cases we are 30 % less than RRP and we have the latest designs and fashions.

  Fashion Watches, Sunglasses & Reading Glasses
We have a delightful range of fashion watches guaranteed to suit every shopper. We also have affordable sunglasses and reading glasses with exciting ranges arriving all the time.

  Callus Rasp
A wonderful product from Zwilling J.A. Henckels is the Pedro Callus Rasp. This has a gentle care ceramic for removing troublesome calluses on the feet. It can be used wet or dry or with cream and will last and last and last...

  Nail Care
One of our most popular items is the Ceramic Nail File. Every lady needs one of these in her hand bag. You don’t even have to take it out when you are traveling as it is aircraft friendly. This is a very unique nail file that is made of ceramic. It is very gentle and will not damage nails. It is so effective the same method is used to sharpen knives. The Cerafile is a long lasting two sided file with a coarse and fine surface. The concave groove in the centre has revolutionised the shaping of nails, just like you pay with trained manicurists, as it leaves the nail beautifully rounded resulting in less snags. The convenient clip on case keeps it clean and allows for easy storage. The Cera file can also be used wet or dry, or for a very polished finish use with hand cream. After years of use if you feel the ceramic becoming too fine simply wash it under running water with detergent and green scourer or scrub brush and it will come up like new.

  Tweezers, Nippers, Clippers and Nail Scissors
We have a wonderful selection of quality tweezers, nail nippers, clippers and scissors to suit every manicure collection. We have choice, we have quality and we have the best prices.


Pete’s Place Souvenirs


  Tea Towels
These 100% Cotton Tea Towels are exclusive to Pete’s Place, Norfolk Island and offer fashionable design and colours for those wanting a practical souvenir from Norfolk.
  Key Rings, Magnets, Book Marks & Coasters
Locally made souvenirs to suit everyone! We have Coasters, Magnets, Keyrings & Bookmarks with beautiful photographs of local scenery.
  Stubby Coolers
A perfect souvenir to take home is a Norfolk Island printed stubby cooler. It's a light, inexpensive and practical gift that will remind you of your Norfolk Island visit.

  Beach Towels, Drink Bottles & Coffee Cups
For a souvenir that will suit everyone Pete’s Place has Exclusive designs that reflect our Island life.

Salt and Pepper Grinders


  Salt and Pepper Grinders
The latest styles, the latest designs and only the best quality in Salt and Pepper Grinders and Shakers.